Saturday, March 22, 2008

AM-PM And The People Who Work There: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

So a few days back, I swung by AM-PM for a really quick lunch...

(by the way, the food at AM-PM, in my opinion, is food that only a guy can appreciate. A chicken sandwich under a heat lamp for hours on end, topped up with put-it-on-yourself pickles and mayo that squirts from a tub. Now that's good eatin', kids.)

Anyways, while grabbing my chicken sandwich, I heard the following conversation between a guy at the "pickles and mayo topping bar" and the woman behind the counter:

Man: Do you have spoons?

Woman: What?

Man: Spoons.

Woman: Moons?

Man: Spoons.

Woman: Toons?

Man: Spoons!!

Woman: Goons?


(This guy literally shouted, folks.)

Woman: Oh, spoons!!

Man: Yes!!

Woman: No.

The man said nothing.

Then his shoulders slumped.


At this point, I was at the "pickles and mayo topping bar" for my sandwich. The man then turned to me:

Man: Why would she think I asked for moons?

An excellent question.

The answer to which...we may never know.


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