Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facebook Status Updates: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

Facebook status updates have gotten out of hand.

For those of you who choose to live outside of basic human society (which hopefully would be none of you, since it would be disturbing to me -- albeit a bit flattering -- that you would lift your "interact with human society" ban to read my blog), Facebook is a social networking Web site in which users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves.

It's the "update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves" portion that I want to address today. It really has gotten out of hand, folks. A lot of you on Facebook are posting the most basic and mundane facts about your life, and it has to stop.

Let me ask you this: Would you call your friend on the phone to let him know that you just brushed your teeth? No? Then why would you put that as your Facebook status? Putting it on your Facebook status does not make people care that you floss regularly. It just doesn't. By the same token, no one gives a damn that you're at the grocery store, walking your dog, or that you ran a mile in under 9 minutes.

And what's with the people who put their status as "is"? I mean...what the hell?

Personally, my Facebook status updates only list the major things going on in my life. The things I know my friends would be interested in. Observe some of the status updates I've posted over the past few days:

"Nevin Barich had a long day at work."

"Nevin Barich really can't stand traffic."

"Nevin Barich is watching TV with Ramona."

"Nevin Barich is hanging out with friends tonight."

"Nevin Barich expanded his farm in Farmville."

"Nevin Barich finished second in a poker tournament on Zygna Poker."

"Nevin Barich expanded his farm again Farmville."

"Nevin Barich needs his chickens in Farmville fed."

"Nevin Barich thanks everyone for feeding his chickens."

"Nevin Barich now hopes that someone can fertilize his crops."

"Nevin Barich thanks everyone for fertilizing his crops."

"Nevin Barich is looking left."

"Nevin Barich is looking right."

"Nevin Barich is blinking his eyes."

"Nevin Barich says hello."

"Nevin Barich is thinking about making a cheese quesadilla."

"Nevin Barich is making a cheese quesadilla."

"Nevin Barich's cheese quesadilla is done."

"Nevin Barich is eating his cheese quesadilla."

"Nevin Barich's cheese quesadilla could've used a bit more cheese."

And finally:

"Nevin Barich has lost his socks."

So you see: When it comes to Facebook status updates, I only post the important stuff.

Learn from me.


And now for this week's:


I came across this story earlier this week that talked about the world's most outrageous guest requests at hotels. Give it a read. It's an SOTA you won't believe.


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