Saturday, August 29, 2009

'That' Married Couple, Wedding Rings, And Changing Your Maiden Name: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

So I've been married for a week now and I've discovered the following three things:

1) Ramona and I are totally "that couple", that stereotypical couple that you see across the room being lovey dovey with each other. You know that couple you want to throw something at really hard (and preferably at their heads) because they're so lovey dovey that it makes you fully realize just how lonely you really are?

That's us. It's our heads you want to traumatize. :-)


Ramona: Hi husband!!

Me: Hi wife!!

Ramona: We're married!!

Me: I know!!

Ramona: You're my hubby!!

Nev: You're my wifey!!

Both: Tee hee hee!!

(palms flail away at each other)

Yep. We're like that.

2) Wearing a wedding ring actually isn't that bad. For someone who has never worn a ring in his life, I was admittedly a little concerned. But honestly, I hardly realize it's on.

And I like that it's shiny!! :-)

One thing, though:

How the hell do you get this thing off? The whole "twisty" thing don't work and I can't pull it off without soap and water. Is it naturally supposed to be welded onto your skin? Is that part of the deal?

And finally:

3) People who mistakenly say:

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Barich


Now before I go further, know this: Ramona has decided to keep her maiden name. And honestly, I'm totally cool with it. Women today shouldn't automatically be expected to change their last name upon marriage. And besides, my new wifey (tee hee hee!!) is becoming one of the premier sports columnists in the country and is known nationally by her maiden name.

Plus, she's letting our future kids have my last name. So why should I complain?

Nonetheless, I have to confess that it's kind of cool when I hear people call us "Mr. and Mrs. Barich". I get a big kick out of it, probably because I know it won't last very long. It makes me realize that I'm indeed married, and because Ramona remains in honeymoon mode, being called "Mrs. Barich" isn't pissing her off yet. Before it wears off, I aim to take advantage by having at least one person call her: "Mrs. B."

(Note: As I write this, I asked Ramona how she'd feel about being called "Mrs. B." She did not look pleased. Admittedly, hearing it reminds me of a 60-year-old librarian).

I know that eventually, people calling her Mrs. Barich will annoy her. And that's cool. Today during our helicopter tour in the Hawaiian island of Kauai, someone accidentally called me "Nevin Shelburne."

And to me, it was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard.

Men changing their maiden name.

Can you say:



And now for this week's:


Although Ramona and I are having an amazing honeymoon so far, we have avoided the overpriced spa at the hotel. The spa offers such deals as:

Sunscreen application with foot reflexology massage.

A 20-minute service. Price: $50

In other words, $50 to have someone rub your feet with suntan lotion.

In a "reflexology" fashion.



Another Suburban Mom said...

Glad you are having fun in your honeymoon phase. I hope it lasts for many years.

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Absolutely, Anonymous.

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