Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Problem With Old People: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

OK, I love old people. I really do. They tell cool stories. They have candy. They pay for things. But with all due respect to the senior citizens of our society, there are times when you really get in the way of young people like myself. :-)

Now many of you younger folks, verbally, may be saying out loud, "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU JUST SAID THAT!!" But deep down, you know what I'm saying. And you're happy. At one time or another, an old person has pissed you off, slowed you down, gotten in your way. And today, young people of this blog, I'm going to provide you with a voice.

Now older people reading this blog are asking themselves two questions: 1) What is he talking about? And 2) Does he mean me? Luckily, I've developed a two-front system that will reveal both whether you're old and the main problems that younger people have with the elderly.

You're an old person if:

You're too damn slow. How often have you been on a sidewalk, on the road, in line somewhere, where an old person is in front of you and walking or driving at less than 0.0025 miles an hour? If you're not in a walker and a snail is matching you stride for stride, then you're old. And slowing young people down.

You would think that with limited time left, you'd be in a hurry to get things done. But apparently, you're content with spending the remainder of your days taking in the sights and making young people late to wherever they're going.

Hey old people: You want to stop being a drain on young society? Move off to the side and let the young folks pass. Because we've got things to do.

You're an old person if:

You don't shut up. How have of you young people have been stuck in line at the supermarket for two hours because the old person in front of you is talking the supermarket cashier's ear off about a) trying to save 15 cents on a gallon of milk with an expired coupon, b) insisting that the bagger "use both paper and plastic bags, but the paper has to be strong and the plastic shouldn't be flimsy. And no, not those bags. Use the ones at the bottom because those are sturdy" or c) their cat Mittens, their dog Fluffy or their son Stuart (complete with pictures of all three).

Old people not only don't stop talking, but they talk about nothing. If you want someone to listen to you talk nonsense for four hours at a stretch, get a) a dog, or b) a private nurse who gets paid to listen to your babble. But don't waste my time. I have to get home with my chips and beer and set up a poker game with my other, younger friends who only speak when spoken to.

And finally, you're an old person if:

You use checks to pay for everything. OK, using checks to pay bills? Fine. Using checks to give someone a deposit? Fine. Using checks to give or pay off a loan? Fine.

But if you use checks at the supermarket, dry cleaners, barber shop, video store, pet shop, Home Depot, Jamba Juice, bookstore or any facility where they sell clothes, than you're old. And a pain in the $#@*&$. Not only have you not discovered the new technology known as credit cards and ATMs, but it takes forever for you to a) fill out the check, and b) make the entry in the checkbook, which you always have to do RIGHT THEN AND THERE!!!!

Why don't you just pay cash? That's something from the old-people era, isn't it? Cash?

Now, how can we solve this issue? This rift between the young and old?


Put old people in homes.


Look, I don't advocate segregation, but sometimes steps must be taken in the name of progress. If old people are in homes, they're happy in their little old-people nooks, and young people are free to run the world at a brisk pace.

Now I'm not saying put old people in one of those crappy old people homes. No no no. Put them in the nice ones. Where they have activities. Colored walls. Pudding.

Put them in a nice place.

Because after all.

They deserve our respect.


And now for this week's:


The other day, my friend Kevin forwarded me this blog written by a guy in Colorado who was talking about a Taco Bell promotion that had to do with the performance of the state's professional sports teams. Evidently, every time the local team scored a certain amount of points, Taco Bell would offer a two-hour promotion the next day where you could buy up to four tacos for $1.

One time, the guy said, he hit up seven Taco Bells during the two-hour period, purchasing 28 tacos.

Personally, I think the guy is fat.

And single.

And collects comic books obsessively.

Just a guess.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

"You would think that with limited time left, you'd be in a hurry to get things done."

...Ha ha ha!

Heartless bastard.

Carlos said...

That's pretty f*cked up Nev!

For me, I hate the teenage drivers who think the street is the Inde-500 and their little Honda or Infinity is the fastest and highest performance machine in this planet. Those are the ones I usually chased, confront or have road rage with.
At least with senior citizens you can always move to the next lane to pass. Old people have earned their right. They served our country (Marines - ouuuh wah!), worked for forty to fifty years and contributed to the economy, etc. Teenagers are the ones who need to get their @$$ kicked every now and then.

Just a thought.

Stephanie said...

I love how you follow your cruelty with smiling emoticons. Which makes sense, cause no matter what you say, people will still like you if you use an emoticon. Right? :-)