Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nev For President: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

This past Tuesday was the U.S. presidential election, and like most American males, I exercised my right to vote only because my significant other told me to. :-)

I usually don't vote. Some of you may think that's blasphemous and are clearing your throats to begin your, "Do you know how many people in this world would literally give anything for the right to vote" speech. But let's be honest: Your vote doesn't matter. Your vote hasn't mattered since the advent of population. If you think your one vote makes a bit of difference (particularly in California, where we vote Republican for our governors and Democrat for political posts that can't be run by actors), you're Yankee Doodle delusional.

But like I said, my bride-to-be made me. :-)

So given the choice of voting or sleeping on the futon for the next six months, I was forced to research the candidates. I wanted to make an informed choice, to ensure that the candidate that had my support was the right person for the job. After all: It's my president too.

And so, after an exhausting 96 seconds of research, I made my choice.

I was going to vote for myself.

To me, it made perfect sense. After all, they say you should really believe in the person you're voting for. I believe in Nev. I believe. Besides, I was smart, a good talker, and I think our foreign dignitaries would like the fact that I eat meat.

In short: I couldn't think of a better candidate.

On my way to the polls, I spoke to future bride Ramona of my decision:

Ramona: You're not voting for yourself.

Me: But I'm qualified. Sort of.

Ramona: You're not voting for yourself.

Me: But if I win, we get to win live in the White House.

Ramona: You're not voting for yourself.

Me: We'll have our own chefs.

Ramona: You're not voting for yourself.

Me: They'll make us beef wellington whenever we want. Or eggs.

Ramona: You're not voting for yourself.

Me: But babe...eggs!!



Me: I'd be better than Ralph Nader.


Ramona: True.

In the end, I didn't vote for myself.

I voted for Obama.

Because my significant other told me to.

And now for this week's:


I was driving to meet a friend for dinner the other night when my mom called and reminded me of the following:

You're going to be a husband soon.

I then lost my appetite.

You should never use the words "husband", "wife", "wedding" or "married" to an engaged man before he eats.

I thought that was a societal given.


Anonymous said...

LOL, your vote doesn't matter?

Thank God you are marrying Ramona - she will put some sense into you...

P.S. Are you sure your appetite was empty last night because you ate that hamburger as if it was your last meal... :)

Hey Ramona,

Yeah, you think I would do something better than write a brief about Nevin's comments but with law school, it does limit my social calender... Though, in my defense, the Nev blogs and the pod casts with Mike and Nevin are really funny.... I really get a kick listening or reading about whatever before class.... It does put a smile on my face before the professor takes it away from me when he won't give me credit on an answer I thought I was right about in class... :|

Another Suburban Mom said...

I considered voting for myself too. If Obama hadn't won, I was considering myself for 2012.

My platform: Warm cookies and free porn for everyone

tekiegreg said...

For what it's worth Nev, the minimum age is 35, don't think you're quite there yet. Notwithstanding this problem sure I'd vote for ya.

I've honestly given some consideration to a local office run some day, just stick with city council :-)