Friday, June 27, 2008

Dreaming Of The Days When Gas Was $4.20 A Gallon: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

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I had a dream the other night.

I dreamt I was being chased by an angry mob of accordian players...

(just go with me on this)

...and in the course of running for my life, I came across an ARCO gas station. What I saw made me stop in my tracks.

"Wow," I thought, looking up at the prices. "$4.20 a gallon for regular unleaded? That's cheap."

When you start thinking that $4.20 for gas is inexpensive (dream or reality), you know there's a problem.

Gas prices are ridiculous these days. My girlfriend Ramona recently wanted to go out to a nice dinner (i.e., pricey). So I took her to the Chevron station down the street for a couple of corn dogs and a fill-er-up for the ol' Toyota Corolla.

Total cost: $74.

It was the most expensive meal we've had since our "courting" days.

All these economists have discussed how to battle these higher prices. I, too, have some ideas.

Here are three:

Work from home. Do you work in an office? Quit. The cost of traveling to and from work eats up any salary you make. Working from home alleviates that expense.

Worried about finding an occupation that doesn't force you to leave the home? Fear not, for here are three fulfilling "work-from-home" occupations:

Telemarketer. For those who like sales.

976 Phone Sex Operator. For those who like connecting with people.

And my personal favorite:

Independent Communications Consultant.

Don't know what that is?

That's OK.

No one does.

That's the beauty of it.

Make your friends drive. Convince your friends that the pleasure of your company is so great, that they should always come to you if they want to hang out with you and drive wherever you all decide to go.

You'll end up having fewer friends. But on the plus side, you'll be surrounded by people who worship the ground you walk on.

Or have low self-esteem.

Either way, it's win-win.

Live in a square. Odds are, you live in Suburbia. If so, everything you'll ever need is in a two-mile radius, so you should never have to drive far.

Take me for example. Near me, there are restaurants, malls, dry cleaners, gyms, fast food establishments, movie theaters and a Starbucks.

So long as I never see my family, become a Phone Sex operator and convince my friends to start a weekly poker game near me (to curb those occassional Vegas urges), I'll never have to travel farther than the end of the block.

And here you thought there were no solutions to the gas crisis.

And now for this week's:


I was visiting my good friends over at Rite Aid Pharmacy when I asked one of their workers whether they carried any ZipLoc bags.

"Yes," she replied.

And then she went back to putting pennies into the cash register.

"Um, could you tell me where they are?" I asked.

She looked back up.

"In the store, sir."

And back to the pennies.

And they say good help is hard to find.

(Given a choice between stopping global warming and going to ... we think you should go with option B.)


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Angry accordian players? Freakin' LOSER!!!!

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Rachit Arora said...

lol.. a real funny one.. it will be a miracle if we buy gas @ $4.2 a gallon in California. Had someone said this to us in Jan this year (when gas was still less than $3.5 a gallon), we would not have believed it. :)

Anonymous said...

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