Saturday, March 26, 2011

Going Into A Bank: Like Walking Into A Car Dealership And A Casino All In One: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

(Nevdogg Note: A version of this blog was originally posted for my company's Web site, Industry Intelligence Inc. Check out the site here.)

I’m a traditionalist: When I have a check to deposit, I walk into the bank and have one of the tellers do it. It just seems weird to me to put an envelope into the ATM machine. Or to have my check deposited via an iPhone app. That’s just odd.

But here’s the problem:

These days when I walk into my local Chase bank, I’m immediately bombarded by one or more of the bank’s investor or portfolio experts, asking me if I’ve started planning yet for my retirement or pushing the latest CD plan on me.

And then when I actually get to the teller, they’re asking me if I want to sign up for a credit card and why wouldn’t I want an extra credit card and “We’re essentially not going to let you step one foot out of this place unless you sign up for our credit card with a crazy interest rate that you’ll be hit with the second you don’t pay your entire bill on time.”

Look, I understand that banks – like any other business establishment – need to adjust during these troubled times. But these days, I feel like I’m walking into both a car dealership and a casino all rolled into one. They’ll do and say anything to part me with my money.

And don’t even get me started about overdraft fees.

Nothing like accidentally going 8 cents over your balance and being charged $75 by the bank to cover it.

But always with a smile on their face, I’m sure.


And now for this week's:


Lindsay Lohan wants to just be known as "Lindsay."

Thus becoming the first white woman since Cher and Wynonna to just go by her first name.


Ally said...

Those bank people are seriously like predators. I hate it

Brenda said...

Isn't Lindsay Lohan going to jail soon or something?

Anonymous said...

She pleaded not guilty to stealing a necklace and is going to trial

Scott said...

Don't you mean "Lindsay" :-)

Cindy said...

I always deposit my checks at the ATM. It's seriously not a big deal, Nev

Kevin said...

Easiest thing in the world to do

Kevin said...

I mean deposit checks at the ATM, not Lindsay. Well actually...

Lainie said...

Nev, I walked into my Chase bank a couple weeks ago, and left saying the exact same thing! The tellers are smarmy suck-ups who are pushing and peddling their new products so hard, it feels like a used car experience!! I feel your pain buddy!

Jill said...