Saturday, June 12, 2010

Exposing The Farce Known As Hand Sanitizer: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

Remember the good old days when you could open a door without fear of dying?

Back when I was growing up, whenever I needed to open a door, I would do the following:

Put my hand on the door knob.

Move the door knob to the right.

Open the door.

Walk out the door.

Close the door.

Sounds simple enough, right?

But lately, when I go to reach for the door knob, I'm liable to hear the following:

Don't touch that!! Who knows what kind of germs are on it.

Did you wipe the knob down first?

Use hand sanitizer!!

Hand sanitizer. Like organic food, reusable bags, and eco-friendly laundry detergent, hand sanitizer has become the latest in a long line of products designed to play on people's fears to get them to pay more, even though the previous years without these products has not brought these people horrible, horrible doom.

I have grabbed door knobs for nearly 31 years without the use of hand sanitizer, and I've gotta tell you: I'm OK. I don't have any deadly diseases, I have no rashes, and my skin has not turned any weird colors. I live a hand sanitizer-less life and I'm healthy as a horse.

You can be, too. Don't listen to the lies.

For those of you reading this blog who are germaphobes and sanitize their hands before touching any foreign surface, I ask you to do this: Remember the person you used to be. Remember when you were young. You were wild, free, grabbing one door knob after another without a care in the world. And then somewhere down the line, you lost your way. Someone, probably an adult, wagged their fat adult finger in your face, told you "No!!" like you were a bad dog who knocked a flower vase off the table, and forced a bunch of hand sanitizer onto your hands.

And from then on in, you used hand sanitizer. Because someone made you feel bad about yourself when you didn't.

Well, allow me to right this wrong in your life and put you back on track.

You are not a bad person. There is good in you, and lots of it. You are not a bad dog. Knocking the vase off the table was not your fault. Your are special. You are unique. And you can touch door knobs without putting a foreign substance on your hands!!

You don't need hand sanitizer!! It will not protect you, because there's nothing to protect you from. It's a marketing creation, meant to do nothing but take your hard-earned money. It's a lie, a myth, like global warming.

The ozone layer has no holes, and the ice glaciers will never melt.

So put away your hand sanitizer.

And bust out your aerosol spray cans.


And now for this week's:


The industry of psychic readings has apparently become more sophisticated.

I was driving to work earlier this week when I heard a radio ad about a company called California Psychics. I went online to their Web site and not only do they offer psychic readings, but you can book a psychic tailored to your specific psychic needs.

Need visions loaded with information? Cherilyn's your psychic. Need the ultimate truth? Ask for Fiona. Want to channel messages from a higher realm? Joy's your girl.

I personally need to heal past karma to manifest my dreams.

So I'm asking for Avery.


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