Friday, July 18, 2008

Launching A Blog On A Show You Hate: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

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Nevdogg Note: I hate Project Runway. It's a boring-%*%*$$& show. I don't get how watching people cut fabric has turned into a cultural phenomenon. And then it occurred to me: Why not blog about it? I mean, tons of people blog about shows they like. Why not one on a show you hate?

Imagine the possibilities.

With that in mind, I launched Every week, I will keep a running diary of the episode and give you my thoughts as to why I'm punishing myself by watching this trash.

If you're a fan of show, or know fans of the show, or would rather read my recap of the show than watch the show...

(trust me: you're better off choosing option 3)'s a blog you can't afford not to read.

Below is the first entry to this blog, which was written prior to the season premiere and can also be found at Enjoy, and feel free to also check out my Episode 1 recap here.

Next week, we'll return with an all new entry at!!

And the world will never be the same.


Anybody can write a blog on a show they like.

That's easy. You're a fan of a show. You love a show. You refuse not only to miss an episode, but insist that you watch it when it first airs (TIVO and DVR be damned). You watch every move, nuance, flaw. Nothing escapes your eye. Then, you excitedly go onto your computer and share your thoughts with the world via your "enter your favorite show here and let me tell you what I think" blog and then proceed to read 5,000 other "enter your favorite show here and let me tell you what I think" blogs that essentially say the same thing.

If you're a fan of a show, you will involve yourself in this scenario every single week, and happily so. It's not work. It's a hobby. And you love it.

Fan blogs: It's been done the world over.

This is what I was in the process of explaining to my girlfriend, L.A. Daily News sports columnist Ramona Shelburne, recently when she suggested that I start a fan blog on a TV show I like. I'm a writer and editor and already host a blog ( and podcast (, so this idea of me writing a fan blog wasn't a bad one. But I hesitated. What could I possibly say that hasn't been said? What approach could I possibly take that hadn't been done?

And then...

"Hey babe," I said, "when does Project Runway start?"

"Project Runway?" she replied. "I thought you hated that show."

"Exactly," I said. "It's boring, pretentious, snobbish, deals with ugly fashion and stupid hairdos, and it would be a miracle if I was able to watch an entire episode without wanting to chuck my head through the television set.

"Now that would be a blog."

And here we are.

My name is Nevin Barich. I'm from Los Angeles and grew up in California's San Fernando Valley. I enjoy chili cheeseburgers and anything wrapped in bacon. I like sports, action movies, and the only reality shows I like are Survivor, Apprentice and Hogan Knows Best. My fashion sense includes holes in my socks and shirts I still own from the seventh grade. To this day, I wear my high school gym shorts to sleep because they're roomy and I look good in them.

I've seen approximately 13 minutes of Project Runway in my lifetime and hated every second of it. Nonetheless, I am going to watch every episode this season and give you an entirely new perspective: The Hater's Perspective. Project Run(A)way.

God help us all.

(To read my running diary of the season premiere, click here.)

And now for this week's:


My girlfriend Ramona turns 29 on Saturday. And she's not happy about it.

"Ramona," I said, "you're not getting older. You're getting wiser."

She gave me a look -- actually, more like a death stare -- and replied:

"I'm wise enough."

I kept quiet for the rest of the evening.

(Who loves Um...hello?)


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