Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jews Love Christmas (Pass It On): A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

Note to all of the non-Jews of the world, young and old:

All Jews love Christmas.

Jews love Christmas. We celebrate Christmas just like you. We have trees, bust out the lights, deck the halls, drink Egg Nog, listen to carolers, and listen to Christmas music like there's no tomorrow.

All Jews love Christmas. Even the orthodox ones. Oh sure, they say they don't. But orthodox Jews are just the Jews who were so scarred from not having Santa Claus when they were a kid that they rebelled by becoming really Jewish and trying to pretend that Christmas doesn't exist.

It's OK. I'm Jewish. I can say these things. :-)

Why do Jews love Christmas? Simple. Because Jews, my non-Jew friends, are just like you. We like presents. We like lots of presents. And we like food. And family. And time off of work and school. We like snow. We like twinkly lights. We like sitting on Santa's lap and telling him what we want for Christmas.

My name is Nevin Barich. I'm a Jew who loves Christmas. I am just like you.

And that's what this week's blog is about, really. Bridging the gap between Jews and non-Jews. During this time of year, we are exactly the same. There are no differences. We both love the same things and think the same way. Embrace the sameness. Embrace Jews this holiday season and every holiday season heretoforth.

And when I say anything related to Christmas from here on in, please don't say some kind of "Nev, you're Jewish" statement in response. Man, that gets old.

Aren't you Jewish?

Nev, you're Jewish.

Jews celebrate Christmas?

Jews don't celebrate Christmas!

Didn't you already have your Chanukah?

You know who Santa is?

You know how many "Nev, you're Jewish" statement I got this holiday season?


I am Jewish.

And I celebrate Christmas.

Pass it on.


And now for this week's:


Lindsay Lohan was accused of attacking a worker in the rehab facility she's in.

My guess: The rehab worker tried to step in after finding Lindsay trying to smoke one of her socks.

That's my theory, anyway.


Arthur said...

Aren't you Jewish?

Lainie said...

You're Jewish, kiddo.

Joe said...


Nev said...

Very funny, kids. Y'all are riots.

Cindy said...

After seeing pics of your Christmas lights, you're an honorary Catholic.

Tammy said...

And an honorary Christian!

Another Suburban Mom said...

I had many Jewish friends growing up who loved Christmas. They all ended up at my house on Christmas enjoying my mom's fine Italian cooking.

Then we would all talk about going to a movie, but the carb coma from the cannoli would set in and we would fall asleep in the basement instead.