Saturday, November 6, 2010

Women's Obsession With Cool Cars: A Nevin Barich Blog Experience

Earlier today, I was visiting my good friends at ARCO, filling up my car with gas, when I saw in front of me a Lamborghini. Now a Lamborghini is going to stand out no matter what, particularly in the San Fernando Valley, where we don't see very many cool cars. But it wasn't so much the fact that the Lamborghini was there, but rather the interesting reaction the Lamborghini received from a woman nearby.

This woman -- who was with her boyfriend in some normal two-car black Honda -- was busy snapping pictures of the Lamborghini with her iPhone. She was looking at it, salivating over it; I seriously believe that if her boyfriend wasn't around, she would've gone to the Lamborghini and licked the hood. She had a look on her face that said:

God I would look good sitting in that car!!

And it made me ponder the following question:

What is it with women and picturing themselves in cool cars?

Seriously, this is a female thing. It really is. I mean, sure guys buy the cool cars. But you know why? Because it attracts women to them!! Men don't think to themselves, "Man I look great in this car." If anything, they think that the car itself looks so good that it will cover up how ugly he is!!

But women are different. They picture how they would look in the car. They think that they look better as a result of being in the car. They believe that they and the car are one.

And here's what's funny: Women aren't naive. They know why guys buy these types of cars: To get laid, pure and simple. But despite this knowledge, women simply opt to pay this price in order to be in the car and fulfill their "Damn, I look so good in this car!! fantasy.

It's like they're whoring themselves over a vehicle.

That's right. I said it.

Look: I'm not trying to judge. I'm really not. It's just that I simply don't get it. I don't get the obsession of being in a cool car or looking good in a cool car. I don't get why when a woman sees a Lamborghini at a gas station, she flips out her iPhone, takes tons of pictures, and looks at it longingly enough to practically have an orgasm.

Her poor boyfriend. He's probably a good guy. He probably works hard, has a decent, job, treats her right. I bet he buys her flowers for no reason. Does the laundry and dishes at home. Is a good listener.

But all that pales in the face of a $200,000 sports car.

I bet the next time the couple has sex, the woman will be thinking of the car.

I just hope, for her boyfriend's sake, she doesn't say the word "Lamborghini" in the heat of the moment.


And now for this week's:


A 10-year-old girl from Romania has given birth in southern Spain, officials in the region have said.

The father of the baby is also believed to be a minor, aged 13, who is still in Romania, Spanish media have said.

Things like this...just make me sad.


Lissa said...

OK I'm sorry, but this is just so totally offensive. "Whoring themselves over a car?" That's just disgusting, and you're lumping all women into one. I personally do not judge a man on his car, but rather who he is as a person. You obviously have been hurt by women in the past and you probably blame some guy's car when in fact all you needed to see who to blame was to look in the mirror.

Nev said...

OK Lissa, I rarely comment about someone's criticism, but you're taking this way too seriously. I mean, chill out. It's a simple observation. Obviously, not every woman on Earth obsesses over looking good in a car, but surely there are women who go out with guys simply because of their cars. It does exist.

Lissa said...

Like I said: Look in the mirror.

Nev said...


Mark said...

Nev, you're right on. Lissa, you're just pissed because you're ugly enough that you wouldn't look good even in a Lam.

Lissa said...

Oh God

Elena said...

Nev has a point here. There are, sadly, some women out there who date guys simply for their car. I personally don't get it, but it does exist. And Lissa: You are out of line. I don't know why you're insulting Nev. All he is doing is making an observation that's obviously true.

Nev said...

Thank you, Elena. I appreciate you coming to my defense. :-)

Gilda said...

Hey, Nev –

I too went “whoa!!” when I read your latest blog. I think it was the intensity of the exaggeration – words like “whore” do give a certain tone, don’t they? Mo told me you labored over this one – it didn’t flow well. Maybe that’s why the overstatement?

You know, I’m a big fan of your blog – you make my 15 minute lunches at work, man.